May 17, 2019

Commentary Player Safety & Post Tension Concrete in Tennis Court Construction

Would you want your high school your track team athletes to practice and compete on bare concrete? How about your football team, basketball team, baseball team, lacrosse team, soccer team. What athlete do you know that does this? Tennis players! The time for building safe play areas for our young tennis athletes has come.

I recently article on court surfaces in Tennis Industry magazine and was shocked that professionals in the sports and engineering field , experienced in specifying athletic fields and running tracks, with high end shock attenuation and force reduction qualities are promoting the virtues of bare post tension concrete when it comes to the sport of tennis. What about protecting tennis athletes and extending their time on the court.

Shoe companies shout the shock absorbing qualities of tennis shoes in cushioning the athlete....come on who really believes this is the really the effective answer? Are we loosing some of the better athletes in school because of unsafe facilities?

How many high school tennis athletes are damaged, careers in tennis shortened because of substandard facilities? What happens to athletes that regularly practice and play on concrete? Joints, backs, leg fatigue, diminished careers, knee trama, ankle swelling. The fast paced game played on these unforgiving surfaces jolt the body. Parents that scream for protection to their high school athletes in sports don’t consider tennis. The fast paced serve and volley game promoted throughout the US is not developing better tennis players but is injuring countless possible future players that could be bringing the game of tennis back in popularity.

Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 1/6/1018 commented “Overall, recurrent injuries resulted in greater time away from sport, a higher risk of sport discontinuation, and a higher likelihood of surgical intervention. In tennis, the repetitive nature of high-velocity arm movements causes overuse injuries in the upper extremity while the sprinting, stopping and pivoting, and pounding motions place repeated rotational shear and loading forces on each joint of the lower extremities which, in turn, places the athlete at increased risk for acute and overuse injury. "

The problem is not that we do not have the technology, we do. Tennis is the only sport played on everything from grass, clay, crushed rock, synthetic turf, asphalt, concrete, rubber, urethane cushion, plastic tiles, carpet. Hard courts speed the ball up, creating more force on the arm, and keep the bounce lower. A few coats of paint may be pretty but it does not make a surface safe for young athletes.

Our public and private schools are not considering child safety when choosing tennis court construction. Schools should consider what bare concrete does to a young athlete. This is not to say that post tension concrete is not a good base, it is but the tennis surface needs to be more than a coat of paint. These player unfriendly facilities put schools and children at risk.

Lets grow the game by taking aim at keeping our young athletes healthier, safer from injury and the long term potentially effects of joint trama so they can continue playing careers in both recreational and in competitive environments. Maybe the USTA can help in bring back tennis by emphasizing safer surfaces to keep the athletes safer. Perhaps the American Sports Builders Association should work on solutions in construction. Lets all of us address this for the betterment of the game and our future in tennis. Rick Burke, President NGI Sports

October 2, 2019

American Sports Builders Association


NGI Sports is an active leading member of the ASBA, The American Sports Builders Association. ASBA is a non-profit trade association comprised of builders, designers and suppliers for sports facilities, existing to promote the highest standards of design, construction and maintenance.
NGI particularly supports the ASBA Certified Builders programs which place great value on professionals in our industry to be current on all phases of tennis court design and installation. Association meetings provide a forum to meet contemporaries in the field and exchange ideas face to face. This exchange of information and affiliations has helped NGI in the development of its “Overlay Renovation Technology” systems. Our people have been involved in the ASBA (formally USTC&TBA) for over 40 years. Today, the Association has over 400 member companies, comprised of builders, designers and suppliers of materials for not only tennis courts and running tracks, as was the original USTC&TBA, but now also includes natural and synthetic turf fields, indoor and outdoor synthetic sports surfaces and small sport areas like pickleball and basketball.


David Burke, VP Sales at NGI, is a board member of the Association and Michael Burke, VP Marketing at NGI is on the marketing committee for ASBA. If you are not already a member David and Mike ask that you consider attending the 2019 Technical Meeting December 6-9 at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. Attend this meeting to network with peers, learn new technologies and industry related trends. Give then a call if you need guidance for this. If you already are a member, consider becoming certified.

2019 and 2020 Seminar Locations for your calendar
Dates to be announced.
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL
Nashville, TN
Atlanta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
Ann Arbor, MI
Davenport, IA
Wausau, WI
Green Bay, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Springfield, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Dayton, OH
October 1, 2019

Ask The Expert


Do you have any questions about any of NGI’s products, processes or anything industry related? Please email for answers or visit our website.Q. Will Sand Infill Be Moved Around During Play On The NGI Systems Synthetic Grass Courts?


A. No, the synthetic turf fibers form a matrix which keeps sand from migrating or becoming washed out of the surface.

Q.Will the Infill Wash Out When It Rains?
With the proper design slope, the majority of the rain will drain across the surface with any residual water draining horizontally through the surface. On our artificial grass systems, some moisture will percolate vertically down to the base.

Q. Will the Color Fade In the Hot Sun?
The special Thiolon yarn is produced with a very high resistance UV inhibitor to preventand/or minimize fading.

Q. What Are The Maintenance Requirements For The Courts?
A. Once our NGI Systems Tennis Courts are installed, they require a check-up and periodic cleaning as well as grooming, depending upon the type of court and amount of play it receives.

Q. Is The Expected Life Of The Surfaces?

A. The expected life on any of our surfaces, with proper maintenance, is up to 20 years. This gives a reasonable surface-life that equates to an excellent sports investment.


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NGI Sports delivers the best surfaces for sport - the best materials, methods, and fit for every project with thousands of installations from Hilton Head to Phoenix, Toledo to Torrance.

We stand by the surfaces we make, guaranteed.

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November 1, 2019

Breaking News


Edgerton High School in Edgerton WI approved the installation of seven (7) ProBounce courts at last night’s board meeting. The project includes pulverizing the existing asphalt, adding a concrete curb and then laying a laser graded stone base over which the ProBounce will be directly installed. Base works starts next Friday. Existing footprint shown left.
NGI Sports is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded the contract to supply and install two athletic tracks for the US Military! More news to follow.
Connect, discover and experience the 2020 Racquet & Paddle Sports Show, bringing together racquet sports professionals, industry leaders, facility owners, and a wide range of product manufacturers from around the world.
All-inclusive packages are available to help you keep costs low and visibility high, and as an ASBA member, you receive 10% off your booth space! Join other brands at this newly formed yearly gathering of industry professionals and let's celebrate all things racquet & paddle sports!NGI Sports is, an ASBA member, and will be participating in this event, more information to follow.
October 1, 2019

Client of the Month: Bishop's Tennis Inc.


Providing Expert Tennis Court Maintenance, Repair & Construction Throughout Maryland, Virginia & DC for More than 30 Years

Skip Bishop started Bishop’s Tennis with a focus on surfacing. Today, Bishop’s is a leading expert in clay and all weather tennis court maintenance and construction in the northern VA market. Playing tennis has been a lifetime adventure for Skip. He loves bringing out the wooden racquet even after surgeries on a rotator cuff and knees. Skip enjoys surfing in New Jersey and Hawaii and playingtennis at a high level against the 40 and over crew anywhere he can. Although he continues to be involved with the business, with his extended family and nine grandchildren more and more of the day to day activities are handled through his field and office staff.



Great Falls VA, Before and After
Jonathan Mullins is the Business Manager for Bishop’s. He spearheads the project organization and materials procurement management.A majority of the daily sales activity is managed by Chip King, the Director of Business Development for Bishop’s. As an Elite Professional member of the USPTA, he has been recognized professionally as both a player and coach and held numerous board and committee appointments in the tennis industry. He has served multiple terms as Chairman on the USTA Mid-Atlantic Junior Competition Committee, and in 2012 received the USTA/ MAS President’s Award for his dedication to improving junior tennis. He remains an active volunteer in Mid-Atlantic and continues to play competitively. Bishop’s Tennis’ focus is on the residential, commercial and club tennis court construction throughout Northern VA. They are an outstanding builder and install several NGI Sports ProBounce surfaces yearly. They installed their first ProBounce court 17 years ago!!
Berryville VA: ProBounce | P: (703) 661-8000
November 1, 2019

Client of the Month: General Acrylics, Inc.


General Acrylics, Inc. was incorporated in 1958 in the State of Arizona under the name of W-H Construction, Inc. By the early 1960’s the company responded to the growing demand for tennis court construction and all-weather track surfacing. By 1972 the tennis court and track construction division had grown to the point that it was split off and named General Acrylics, Inc. In 1987 the current owner, Jonnie Deremo, purchased 100% of this division of the company and its stock.

General Acrylics, Inc. is currently headquartered at 22222 N. 22nd Avenue, in Phoenix, Arizona with an office and warehouse of approximately 11,000 square feet in size. They install both latex and polyurethane track surfaces and in 1998 began installing synthetic turf.

Since 1987, General Acrylics, Inc. has become the leading tennis court, track and synthetic turf contractor in Arizona and the entire Southwest region. Their motto “See the Difference” signifies their commitment to providing reliable products and quality installations. Jonnie Deremo has always ensured that General Acrylics is a leader in the sports construction industry by continuing to develop innovative products, applications and construction methods.

Jonnie grew up in a small farming town in Southwestern Colorado. He was raised working on the family farm alongside his father from a young age–an experience that laid the foundation of his relentless work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

When he was 8 his parents made the decision to move to Arizona part time so that that he could attend school in the valley, where he graduated from Moon Valley High School, he then attended Glendale Community College and completed classes in estimating as well as blue print reading and drafting. During school he realized his passion lay in owning and running a business of his own.

In 1982 Jonnie left the farm to race motocross professionally around the country. In 1984 he started a service business which he later sold looking to get into the construction industry. His search led him to General Acrylics. With his athletic background, sports construction struck a chord and in October of 1987 he purchased the business from it’s founder, Dick Hoover. From that point on Jonnie worked tirelessly to grow General Acrylics into one of the premier sports facility construction companies in the U.S.

General Acrylics has been a long-time member of the American Sports Builders Association and Jonnie is an ASBA certified tennis court and running track builder.

When not in the office Jonnie spends most of his time outdoors riding dirt bikes, mountain biking, fishing and spending quality time with his family. He still spends a large amount of time in his former home state of Colorado.
Below are two of General Acrylics Tennis Court installations using NGI products, at Rio Verde Country Club and Rose Mofford Park, both in Arizona.
Below is a before and after of a recently completed project by General Acrylic at Pah Rah Park using NGI’s ProBounce
Completed 06.11.19
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October 1, 2019

NGI Sports will be attending the FSB Cologne


The FSB is an international trade fair for amenity areas and sports and pool facilities, which takes place every two years in Cologne. At the FSB international exhibitors provide overviews of their latest technologies, the most innovative products and the most visionary intentions in relation to playgrounds and play sites, sports halls and courts, swimming pools and also products in terms of urban design and furnishing of open spaces. They show a wide range of sports and leisure products for indoor and outdoor use with sporting facilities and equipment, sports devices and matching floorings, artificial turf and maintenance of sports courts as well as sports facilities for ice and winter sports. Here, trends for design of urban habitats of tomorrow are set. Parallel to the FSB the Aquanale will take place, the international trade fair for saunas, pools and ambience. With both fairs the entire pool area has been merged and reflects now all areas of public to private indoor pool and to spa and sauna areas.
Approximately 622 exhibitors from 26 countries and 25000 visitors from 115 countries attend the FSB in Cologne.

The FSB will take place on 4 days from Tuesday, November 5 to Friday November 8, 2019 in Cologne.
NGI Sports will be attending with our associates from:Siebenga Addvies-en TakenbureauDutch Athletic Federation,


N.S.F. (Netherlands Sports Federation)

November 1, 2019

The Latest News - NOV 2019


Mr. Lomme Siebenga, Siebenga Advice and Drawing Office
NGI Sports will be attending the FSB Fair in Cologne, Germany with Siebenga Advies- en Tekenbureau. Siebenga Advice and Drawing Office is headed by Mr. Lomme Siebenga. The consultancy is based in Bergambacht, in the green heart of South Holland, from where operations are conducted nationally. For example, projects have been realized from Winschoten to Baarle-Nassau and from Texel to Nijmegen. The work does not stop at the border, because international projects have also been realized. Expertise knows no boundaries. Craftsmanship and commitment are drivers.

Business PhilosophyThe company's philosophy is based on three main issues:
  • The client may assume that the newest standards are applied for the sports facilities in question. Reliability of the advice and designs is an important principle.
  • Openness is essential for good cooperation. This applies to mutual communication, but certainly also when other parties are involved in the project.
  • Independence is the third pillar. For large projects, multiple parties are quickly involved. Siebenga Advies en Tekenbureau has no interests with other parties and is therefore able to advise independently. The contract documents are drawn up in such a way that several contractors have the opportunity to compete competitive tender.
With the deployment of more than 30 years of knowledge and experience.
"My work is fantastic, because I am dealing with people's hobby and you try to achieve something beautiful for that. The atmosphere in which I have to operate is always positive." - Mr. Siebenga
November 1, 2019



TitanTrax PK is what you’re looking for with the best play in all climates and temperatures.Quicker, Stronger, Better.
NGI Sports patent pending TitanTrax PK pickleball court surface is the only surface specifically designed for pickleball to achieve the perfect ball response for all players. Many athletic playing surfaces are designed to be shock absorbent and cushioned for an inflated ball such as a basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball, while the TitanTrax PK system delivers optimum ball bounce and consistency of play specifically for a hard hollow pickleball. TitanTrax PK exceeds all expectations of pickleball play in bounce, pace and traction.

TitanTrax PK is an Overlay Renovation Technology (ORT) surface that can be installed over existing asphalt or concrete courts or it can be installed as new construction. It is preferred for conversion of existing basketball and tennis courts to pickleball, and is used for all weather play. Our patent pending product meets USAPA and International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) requirements for surface performance.
John Hanna publisher of Tennis Industry Magazine announces a name change back to RSI (Racquet Sports Industry) because of the growth and demand for pickle ball!
August 30, 2019

3D Mapping for Contractors

Continuing the discussion from last month on NGI’s 3D mapping for your job evaluations a way to start is:

  1. Provide the layout of the courts by either sending an address for us to check on Google Earth, or send the image to us.
  2. NGI will in turn send a court elevation sheet that matches that site along with any required instructions on where to start/stop the grid. This is especially critical if there are odd shaped court layouts or multiple batteries.
  3. After the spreadsheets are returned we can create the 3D mapping data sheets and a report along with any recommendations etc.
  4. We will gladly provide the report back to you under your logo. The cost to provide this service is $300.00/court. If the project is completed using one of NGI Sports surfaces we will deduct the costs from the materials invoice to you.

Please give us a call or email if you would like to discuss further.