Nova’Pro XP synthetic grass surfaces combine the advantages of all- weather, clay, and natural grass tennis court surfaces to provide an ideal cushioned tennis court. Nova’Pro XP systems are aesthetically pleasing, require little maintenance and can be used continuously, just like an all weather court. They also have proven user-friendly qualities such as optimum turn, slide, foot release characteristics, superior traction and some of the best force reduction properties for tennis playing surfaces.

Behind the scenes over the past several years we have been testing to improve the features of our synthetic grass court surfaces. All of our surfaces are now produced with a unique combination of polyethylene (XP) fibers, a stable platform backing system involving an eco-friendly stitch lock polyurethane coating along with optional special in-fill.

XP YARN – Means Extended Play
Polyethylene yarns are well known in the international soccer and American football markets and to international sports federations who acclaim its use due to extraordinary wear and feel properties. These yarns out perform stiff and abrasive polypropylene yarns in wear tests by 300%. To our knowledge, we are the first worldwide to design a full line of tennis systems utilizing this fiber.

Developments in coatings to increase tuft bind (locking fibers into the turf backing) and to provide ease in cutting for tighter seams have led to a change from utilizing a one component stiff, weather-sensitive latex backing to a “green”, environmentally friendly natural (soy based) urethane lock stitch coating. These environmentally friendly coatings provide for enhanced longevity and superior fiber stabilization in the finished product.

All systems incorporate a dimensionally and thermally stable platform fabric into which the fibers are woven to insure long term stability for the installed finished surface.

The Rubico Green and French Red in-fill utilized in our tennis systems are specially designed for:

  • Optimum traction and foot control
  • Pace
  • Long life and minimal wear to the surface
  • Long-term softer playing surface
  • No surface glare
  • Natural, eco-friendly aggregrate