How Long Does It Take To Install An NGI Systems Tennis Surface?

Installation time, dependent upon surface prep, weather and system choice, is between 3-7 days .

Are NGI Systems Tennis Surfaces Glued Down?

NGI systems tennis surfaces are free floating, detached systems. The perimeter of the court is usually glued with a bead of glue to stabilize the surface and to prevent insects, dust, leaves, etc., from getting under the edge of the surface.

What Kind of Base Do NGI Systems Tennis Surfaces Need?

Most may be installed on top of an asphalt, concrete or any stable crushed stone or clay base, as well as existing cracked or deteriorated courts. Each base must be inspected and prepped prior to installation of the surfacing system on top.

Will Sand Infill Be Moved Around During Play On The NGI Systems Synthetic Grass Courts?

The granules of the infill are stabilized by the unique XP fiber system. The infill is filtered into the fibers (a grass-like network of intertwined strands) which holds the infill in place. At the surface, some of the infill may be moved by player’s shoes and will need to be groomed in maintaining a level, even surface. NGI’Pro grass courts provide cushioning for the player’s body, meaning low friction to the player but high friction for the ball bounce. These properties enable the court to perform marvelously for all players.

Will the Infill Wash Out When It Rains?

With the unique design cited above, the majority of the moisture will drain horizontally through the surface. On our artificial grass and ProClay systems, some moisture will percolate vertically down to the base under the topdressing, then move off the court under the upper sand by slope of the base. The great plus….the courts are playable very soon after a rain storm. Resumption of play is always a concern for adamant tennis players.

Will the Color Fade In the Hot Sun?

The finish on all NGI systems is ultraviolet (UV) stabilized from the rays of the sun.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements For The Courts?

Once our NGI Systems Tennis Courts are installed, they require a check-up and periodic cleaning as well as grooming, depending upon the type of court and amount of play it receives. A detailed maintenance manual and proper equipment are available for all surfaces.

What Is The Expected Life Of The Surfaces?

The expected life on any of our surfaces, with proper maintenance, is up to 20 years. This gives a reasonable surface-life that equates to an excellent sports investment. The volume of play and maintenace are intregral and directly affect the longevity of the surface's life.

How Can I Get A Court Installed If There is Not An Authorized Dealer In My Area?

We like to have local contractors install our surfaces and provide after-sale service.