Rick Burke

OWNER/MANAGER, CEO/COO (800) 835-0033 burke@ngisports.com

A graduate of Shippensburg University and obtaining an MBA from Keller Graduate School in Chicago, IL, in the mid 80’s Rick introduced the first sand-filled turf products for tennis and various sports applications to the marketplace. These “first generation” sports surfaces led to the current synthetic turf boom today in tennis, golf and football/soccer fields.

As President of Sportec International in the 80’s, Rick secured the purchase of the Laykold name and formulations from Chevron Corp., also re-designing and re-introducing the product to the tennis marketplace making it one of the top brands still in use in the 21st century. Owner of patents for the Women’s Changing Booth used at the Lipton International Tennis Tournament in 1988 and a current patent for Monolithic Pavement Clay and Cushioned Hard Courts, Mr. Burke spearheads product research and development on a continual basis with NGI Sports. An active member of the American Sports Builders Association (formerly United States Tennis Court and Track Builders Association, (USTC&TBA) since 1979 he worked on many of the original specifications and recently assisted in development of the turf book for the Association. Having worked in sales and management positions for Emulsified Asphalts, Koppers, CO., California Products and OmniSports USA, Mr. Burke provides over 35 years experience in the sports and recreation industry.