NGI Sports’ TitanTrax Shield® ™ is a revolutionary membrane system applied over asphalt or concrete tracks to protect against reflective cracking in the synthetic running track surface and to protect the existing pavement, thus elongating the life of an existing track. Designed specifically with resurfacing in mind, the Shield can save monies upon implementation and during the extended life of the track. The technology by which the Shield was derived has been proven in the field that it not only protects against infiltrating moisture, but also against reflective cracking.

The technology of the Shield allows it to perform well in all climates. TitanTrax Shield™ is an economical and ecologically green system as it saves in fossil fuels, reconstruction costs and extended longevity of an existing track. This thermally and dimensionally stable system also allows the track surface to lay uniformly in all directions on top of the existing asphalt or concrete without the threat of expansion or contraction during installation or over the life of the track. The Shield has been through rigorous testing in the field and in the lab to ensure our customers have the highest qualty playing surface for years to come.

Some of the advantages of the TitanTrax Shield include:

  • Provides a moisture barrier between the synthetic surface on top and the underlying pavement of concrete or asphalt, protecting the track base from water infiltrating the pavement beneath, thereby reducing the risk of further cracking.
  • Provides a dimensionally stable barrier to prevent damage of the synthetic surface on top due to movement in the base. Maintains it’s shape throughout the course of installation and life of the track.
  • Provides a quick renovation to an existing track; installation is quick and simple.
  • Provides a thermally stable layer to minimize expansion and contraction in fluctuating temperatures during application and use.
  • Provides an economical solution for the preparation of existing composite tracks to receive a synthetic surface as well as being a cost effective remedy for rebuilding and maintaining a running track surface.
  • Provides a “green” alternative which aids in extending the life of an existing track.
  • Provides a versatile material for use with any track surfacing system.
  • Provides a “Shield” against cracking by creating a track surface independent of the movements of the existing asphalt.

Shield your track with TitanTrax!


TitanTrax Shield
TitanTrax Shield
TitanTrax Shield
TitanTrax Shield
TitanTrax Shield
TitanTrax Shield