How Much Time Does It Take to Install?

Generally, a full range application goes through three steps in construction after design. The base preparation, drainage, and surface. Of course, a lot depends on the size, but generally 2-3 weeks will complete the installation of SuperNovagrasse golf systems for a range.

What Type of Base Is Best?

In most cases a graded compacted base is sufficient. This allows the finished product to be similar to a natural grass fairway with minimal ball bounce and natural ball response. The equipment used to clear balls does not create a problem with a stable base.

Why Do You Use a Heavy Duty Fiber In Your Material?

We only use the thickest, most durable yarns in the manufacturing of our range systems. The thicker yarns provide better wear for the traffic of ball pickers and less breakdown under the constant pounding of golf balls landing on the turf. The thicker yarn also provides enhanced ultraviolet protection from the sun’s rays for outdoor installations.

Don’t the Fibers Fall Out Of the Turf?

The fibers are locked into the product with a bundled coating design. A flexible eco-friendly polymeric coating is forced onto the back of the turf during manufacturing. The coating works through and around each stitch to lock the fibers into place. This provides for the best locking mechanism for synthetic turf. Brushing, traffic and daily range use have minimal effect on the fibers as they don’t pull out from the backing.

Why Is Infill Used?

Infill is a key element and works hand in hand with the fibers in the system. Fibers lock the infill in place while the infill also holds the fibers erect, acting as a ballast to keep the system in place. The special In-fill also helps to maintain quick drainage and provides energy absorption and cushioning for the landing golf balls for less wear and tear on the balls.

Will The Infill Wash Out?

There are two key components in the product design: density and fiber structure, which holds the infill. Super Novagrasse has a higher number of stitches over a given area combined with a standard pattern to keep infill from washing out or migrating. The high quality fiber used is also fibrillated, which creates a spider-web like effect in each tuft or fiber strand.

Does The Finished Look Appear Natural?

Super Novagrasse is designed with a special stitch design. This pattern breaks the field of view with a natural grass pattern.

How Do You Deal With Drainage?

There are two elements to the drainage of a Super Novagrasse range: surface and subsurface drainage. During a heavy rain the infill layer saturates and water percolates down into the base. The accentuated backstitch in the turf allows water to migrate with the slope of the property to the established drains, while percolating into the base. We recommend a simple herringbone drainage system to help move the water from the system. Surface water will also move to the established drain lines to ensure fast water removal from the system.

Will The Target Greens Hold a Shot?

They will with the proper design and components. TargetGrasse greens are designed in a longer pile and softer, deeper base to cushion each shot to the green, holding the ball.

Does The Landing Zone Get Hard Over Time?

The key element in keeping the landing zone soft is the installation of the right infill at the correct depth during installation, and a sound maintenance program. Dirty, fine and/or angular infill will compact and become hard over time. The infill specified for the Super Novagrasse system is as close to round as possible and clean to ensure a long term softness. Combined with a good maintenance program, this ensures excellent performance.

Is Rubber Used In This Product?

Only in the O.T.T. surface; not in the SuperNovagrasse materials. Rubber has a different specific gravity than sand. This means that it is lighter and will migrate to the top of a sand/rubber mixture over time. The rubber is also light enough that in heavy rains it will float and collect in low areas. The rubber will also mark the golf ball on impact causing clean up problems. We do use a special rubber/sand blend in our OTT materials, but this is done in controlled areas under maintenance where ball impact is not a problem.

Do You Have To Maintain The Turf?

All artificial turf surfaces require some maintenance. There is a detailed maintenance guide for our system to ensure long life at a minimal cost. Most work is completed using equipment on hand. If requested, your SuperNovagrasse system can be quoted with maintenance apparatus.

Isn’t Natural Grass Cheaper?

No, not if you investigate the life cycle cost of both systems. SuperNovagrasse is much more cost effective. SuperNovagrasse also allows for a quicker opening, a longer season, less maintenance with no mud or bogging down of equipment. The revenue lost in not being open and waiting for grass to grow can often never be recovered. Studies have shown that year round green, semi-natural ranges draw more people due to the clean training environment.